You’re So Pretty The Way You Are

So, I’m not quite sure what I think of this site yet. is a new site where you can upload your photo and, using a variety of Flash image editing tools, apply different hairstyles and make-up looks to your picture. As a woman who does wear make-up, but pretty minimally, and really has no clue about what works best with what skin tone, perhaps this is just the sort of site I need. Am I an Autumn, a Spring, a Summer? I have no idea. So, maybe this site will help me improve my make-up skills and pick colours that best suit my skin tone, but maybe it’ll just make me more obsessed with hiding all my imperfections and spending stupid amounts of money on products I really don’t need. I don’t know. Where is the line between encouraging women to look their best and exploiting a woman by making her feel like she has to cake her face with make-up in order to look her best? Maybe these are separate issues altogether and really magazines, the fashion industry, and typical women competition with other women are the real targets of that rant.  The site is really just a fun beauty tips site that takes it a little further by inviting visitors to really try different looks. Pretty helpful really.

I guess if a woman is sold on having to wear a lot of make-up already, then this is the perfect site for her. Upload a picture and test out various looks before you spend the money on the products. Probably a worthwhile thing. There is also a section on Beauty tips which could be very interesting. What’s wrong with a woman wanting to look good? Right? (Can you tell I have some mixed emotions about this whole thing?). A healthy dose of looking your best because it makes you feel good is great. Taking that into the obsession of buying every product that claims to make you beautiful is worrisome. And every woman has her own idea of what is acceptable “preening” and what is overboard. To each their own.

The ability to try different hairstyles may be the best aspect. Try it before you chop it off or dye it. I wonder how I’d look blonde? Probably not very good. All this being said, it looks like the site is becoming a fun place to try different things with photos of different people (celebs, men, etc.) and there are some really funny examples.