Breast Actives Before and After Reviews

Making a decision about whether or not to use non-surgical breast enhancement products is always difficult. However, for women who really want to enhance their breasts, I do believe there is good reason to give this option a try, before choosing augmentation surgery. In attempt to bring some clarity to this subject, I’m quoting below a few Breast Actives Reviews posted by customers on the Amazon website.

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doing good so far!! 😀

Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2010
As soon as I started taking them, I noticed a difference! My body was responding as soon as the first dose! I can’t wait to see the difference 6 months will make (and my hubby can’t either!

It is amazing, but I think this product really works!!

Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2008
Verified Purchase
I breastfed my three boys for more than three years (the youngest is 2 now), so my breasts after the last one looked like those infamous “rocks in the socks”. Not that I would be desperate because of that, they did great job :o), but they didn’t look nice in the swimming wear :o). An augmantation hurts, and you have to maintain it, plus not everybody likes the result. So I encountered with this product by googling some breast enhancing stuff and Breast Actives significantly led all the reviews and tests. So I purchased them. Both Pills and Creams. After one month of using them, my breasts feel much firmer and fuller. Really! I can’t say whether they will also grow a lot, but from size 34A I had to switch to 34B two weeks ago. So probably it is working on this field too. I recommend this product! Also I stopped having pain during my periods (I had two so far and I was surprised how smoothly I got through them).

Isabel Peterson
Working for me just 2 weeks in!!!

Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2021
Honestly I was very skeptical about trying these, but since it’s all natural ingredients I figured what’s the harm and that this would be my last straw on trying to increase my breast size (i used the suction pumps which worked but only for one size up). Literally two weeks in my boyfriend was saying my boobs look huge and I wake up every morning with them feeling swollen, but not too painful. I use the cream too. I think the main important thing is that I stopped drinking caffeine, which has been extremely hard, but if you drink caffeine you will NOT SEE ANY RESULTS!!! Now I’m just wondering if they’ll stay big or if you have to take them for the rest of your life:/

Julia C.
it gradually worked for me! 🙂

Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2014
i am just starting my 4th bottle & the cream & it works! the first month i noticed a difference in the fullness of my breasts, & by the second bottle i went from a 32 b to a 32 c…at the end of my 3rd bottle i noticed that my c cup is very full! much more so than at the beginning of the bottle. i tried on a 34 c & my breasts fill the cup better & it is comfortable on the tightest setting because i am a 32 band size but the cups seem more fitted that way. i have also been measuring them with a fabric measuring band & when i started i was 33 & 1/2″ around, now its 35 & 1/2″ around the fullest part of my bust! im so happy! im hoping by the last box i will be a d cup, i know the results vary with each individual so we will see but i believe it will work.