How to Achieve Female Orgasm

If you don’t think you’ve ever had an orgasm, then, in all likelihood, you are right — and this is called primary anorgasmia.

10 to 15 percent of women have never had an orgasm. The causes for this range from feeling sexually inhibited so that you are unable to really explore what is most exciting for you and subsequently can’t tell your partner what would work either, to having suffered from some sexual trauma earlier in life making you afraid of being sexual, to the use of medication (like antidepressants) or too much alcohol, which can make having an orgasm more difficult.

The Value of Masturbation

Usually, however, it is just that you haven’t yet figured out what works for you. This is why it is so important to take the time to stimulate yourself in private, so that you can figure out which parts are the most sensitive and what exactly feels best. Really, it’s hard to overstate the value of good old-fashioned masturbation. Most women cannot climax from intercourse alone (only 20 percent can) and really need direct clitoral stimulation (with a hand, a tongue or whatever else seems handy). To help you along in your quest for a climax, the use of Vigorelle clitoris stimulant cream can be invaluable!

The Importance of Foreplay

Try being on top during intercourse, where you will get more pressure from his pubic bone and pressure you can control, in addition to both of you having better access to stimulating your clitoris. It takes the average woman 20 minutes to reach climax. That’s a lot of foreplay! So, if you are getting the quick once-over and on to intercourse, it just may not be enough. Try to relax and expect that you are going to allow for a full half-hour of foreplay.

Many women worry — “It’s taking too long,” “My God, he must be bored” or “This is never going to work” — and as a result, their anxiety, speed to intercourse and inability to drift with sexual fantasy make orgasm impossible.

The Value of a Vibrator

When you have never had an orgasm, it can feel like looking for a “widget,” that thing you have never seen so you don’t know what it looks like. In this case it is really helpful to just HAVE ONE so you can then know where you are trying to go. Here, a vibrator can really do the job. For example, the magic wand, a handheld vibrator that is also a body massager in general, has a lot of power. It will allow you to power your way to an orgasm. To help your genitals along on the way to an orgasm, apply a little Vigorelle cream to your clitoris – the effect can be outstanding!

For some women, the effect of the vibrator is actually too stimulating, in which case you can use it on top of your panties to diminish the sensation but still have it work.

Once you’ve had an orgasm, you will know it and it will be easier for you to work toward it without a vibrator (although it is a good idea to keep the vibrator around for extra fun).

By Dr. Gail Saltz, New York Presbyterian Hospital

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