New Year’s Resolutions and Getting Your Sexy Back!

It’s that time of year where we reflect on what we’ve accomplished, setting goals or New Year’s resolutions that we resolve we really will stick with this year.  In addition to my endless writing goals for myself, I’ve resolved to get sexy again.  I don’t want to count calories, watch carbs, or count reps – I just want to resolve to exercise more and eat a little less (mostly sugar!).  I love my curves, but am ready to rein them in.

So for the first time in ten years I’ve joined a gym. I really prefer to get my exercise au natural – going for a long walk, riding my bike to work, etc…, but after realizing that none of this was happening with enough alacrity to combat the intake of useless calories, and that the expanding belly and behind were beginning to cut off circulation when I wore my bathing suit – it was time to join a gym.  So I’ve just signed up at the brand new 24 Hour Fitness in my neighborhood, and not that this is necessarily a plug for them, but WOW — what a facility!  Perhaps all gyms are like this, and I’ve just been absent for long enough that it seems shockingly modern like I’ve stepped into a Blade Runner movie.  I was blown away that the treadmills now come with built in XM radios, and if you simply insert your headphone jack, you can tap into the full array of channels!  The Hoist Circuit training allows you to isolate muscle groups, and move your entire body in a natural motion that’s like doing sit-ups in your lazy-boy.  Amazing!  But what really sold me was the steam room/sauna/Jacuzzi.  That’s what’s going to get me there on days when I feel so lazy that hot chocolate, a cat on my lap, and the latest Tracy Chevalier novel are just so overpowering I can’t take it.   But I watch my favorite pants go into the ‘no longer fit pile,’ and find that sweatpants outnumber all other clothing in the laundry, and I look at the calendar and feel ready – three months to spring – I’m getting my sexy back!