How to Achieve Female Orgasm

If you don’t think you’ve ever had an orgasm, then, in all likelihood, you are right — and this is called primary anorgasmia.

10 to 15 percent of women have never had an orgasm. The causes for this range from feeling sexually inhibited so that you are unable to really explore what is most exciting for you and subsequently can’t tell your partner what would work either, to having suffered from some sexual trauma earlier in life making you afraid of being sexual, to the use of medication (like antidepressants) or too much alcohol, which can make having an orgasm more difficult.

The Value of Masturbation

Usually, however, it is just that you haven’t yet figured out what works for you. This is why it is so important to take the time to stimulate yourself in private, so that you can figure out which parts are the most sensitive and what exactly feels best. Really, it’s hard to overstate the value of good old-fashioned masturbation. Most women cannot climax from intercourse alone (only 20 percent can) and really need direct clitoral stimulation (with a hand, a tongue or whatever else seems handy). To help you along in your quest for a climax, the use of Vigorelle clitoris stimulant cream can be invaluable!Read More »How to Achieve Female Orgasm

Breast Actives Before and After Reviews

Making a decision about whether or not to use non-surgical breast enhancement products is always difficult. However, for women who really want to enhance their breasts, I do believe there is good reason to give this option a try, before choosing augmentation surgery. In attempt to bring some clarity to this subject, I’m quoting below a few Breast Actives Reviews posted by customers on the Amazon website.

I hope this will be of some help…Read More »Breast Actives Before and After Reviews

Why Women are Dying to be Beautiful

Take a look in a full-length mirror. Turn slowly. What do you see?

Are you tabulating a list of your “faults” and “deficiencies” rather than admiring the things that you love about yourself? If so, you are not alone.

“Though the standards change over time and across cultures, women have been judged according to their outer beauty for centuries.”

Our culture’s tireless pursuit of beauty is nothing new. Though the standards change over time and across cultures, women have been judged according to their outer beauty for centuries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Hollywood – a microcosm of our current culture.Read More »Why Women are Dying to be Beautiful

Herbal Breast Enhancement Options

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there has been a massive rise in the number of breast augmentation surgeries in recent times. Yet, the same organisation has actually noted a big number of procedures for removal of bust implants during the same time periods – for example, in 2008 there 40,000 surgeries recorded for removal of implants.

A large number of ladies are confused by these conflicting statistics. Many knowledgeable ladies and also doctors are now examining the safety as well as desirability of surgical boob jobs. Numerous such women, looking for the best options for enlarging their breasts, are turning to alternative non-surgical techniques.

While there are a number of choices available to them, one technique specifically is quickly gaining in popularity – all-natural, herbal dietary supplements and/or breast massage creams. One example of a popular product of this type is Breast Actives.Read More »Herbal Breast Enhancement Options

You’re So Pretty The Way You Are

So, I’m not quite sure what I think of this site yet. is a new site where you can upload your photo and, using a variety of Flash image editing tools, apply different hairstyles and make-up looks to your picture. As a woman who does wear make-up, but pretty minimally, and really has no clue about what works best with what skin tone, perhaps this is just the sort of site I need. Am I an Autumn, a Spring, a Summer? I have no idea. So, maybe this site will help me improve my make-up skills and pick colours that best suit my skin tone, but maybe it’ll just make me more obsessed with hiding all my imperfections and spending stupid amounts of money on products I really don’t need. I don’t know.Read More »You’re So Pretty The Way You Are

New Year’s Resolutions and Getting Your Sexy Back!

It’s that time of year where we reflect on what we’ve accomplished, setting goals or New Year’s resolutions that we resolve we really will stick with this year.  In addition to my endless writing goals for myself, I’ve resolved to get sexy again.  I don’t want to count calories, watch carbs, or count reps – I just want to resolve to exercise more and eat a little less (mostly sugar!).  I love my curves, but am ready to rein them in.

So for the first time in ten years I’ve joined a gym. Read More »New Year’s Resolutions and Getting Your Sexy Back!

Panty Raid

All was quiet at the Delta Gamma house on the University of Michigan campus. It was 9:30 on Saturday night. Most of the girls were twisting and bopping at sock hops, necking and gum cracking at drive-in movies, or slurping and munching at burger joints.

At 9:35 pm, the Beta Theta Pis crept through the back alley of the quad, across the freshly-cut lawn, to the spiral fire escape at the back of the Delta Gamma house. The underclassmen started climbing the fire escape with Schlitz in their hands. The upperclassmen jeered from the lawn.

“Get Bitsy’s bra; she’s so stacked, you could use it as a hammock!”

“Yeah, and Kaki’s panties; I’ve heard they’re leopard skin!”Read More »Panty Raid

Sports bras for big tits!

I have big tits – not showing off just stating fact.  I also exercise a lot – usually five days a week. And I can’t find a sports bra to fit my breasts. This is something I have struggled with for ages. None of the major manufacturers make sports bras for breast above a 36 D – if you’re lucky. And why not? Don’t larger breasted and just larger women need support too? I would think we would need MORE support! In the past I have been forced to wear old granny bras a size or two, too small which results in rubbing under my breasts causing sores that can sometimes bleed and it results in deep red, raw grooves in the top of my shoulders. Not pleasant, or conducive to frequent vigorous exercise.Read More »Sports bras for big tits!